New Online System for Giving

GiveOnlineWe recently moved to a new, more user-friendly system.

From now on, you’ll be able to sign up for a one-time or scheduled giving, update it yourself, and see donation history with ease.

To start giving:
   1. Click the Give Online button below
   2. Select “Sign Up!” (or if you already have, then log in)
   3. Confirm your account by checking your email and selecting the link
   4. Enter your information and select “Save and create account”
   5. Select “Your Giving”

If you are currently giving automatically on the old system:
   1. Sign up on the new system as noted above
   2. Email Annie ( noting that you have signed up and would like the old account canceled.
Please reach out to us if you have any problems or concerns: Contact Us

Prayer Walk This Saturday

PrayerWalkThousands of New Yorkers will prayer walk dozens of neighborhoods this Saturday as part of Pray NY, and Everyday Church has Inwood covered! Come spend an hour walking the streets of Inwood with other Everyday people, praying for our neighbors.

Saturday, June 14, 10a-11a

Meet on Broadway between Academy & 204th St (map)

Pray For Us: An Update From Matt

Summer Nights 2014We are really excited about what God has in store for the Everyday Youth Group this summer. We are focussing on reaching out and connecting with other middle- and high-school aged kids in our community. Please pray for our “summer nights”– BBQ’s we will be having in the park this summer.

Pray the word gets out and enthusiasm spreads to other kids outside our church to come hang out.

Pray our kids do a great job providing hospitality and including them in the group.

Pray For Us: An Update From Wendy

State TestingFor most of us, this time of year means the hope of warm weather and baseball season coming soon. But for thousands of NYC students and teachers, it’s time for the stress of State Testing. The pressure for both students and teachers builds each year. Now, school funding, teachers’ jobs, and middle school and high school acceptance for students all are effected by the performance of kids in 3rd through 8th grades. Please pray for students and teachers this week as they prepare for the first week of testing on April 1-3.

Change the Future, One Page At a Time

OperationExodusVolunteer as a Reading Buddy with Operation Exodus, an education nonprofit in our neighborhood.

Reading buddies come in to read with kids one-on-one for an hour each week, anytime from 4:00p-6:30, Monday-Thursday.

According to Janel, a participant with Everyday Church who serves as a Reading Buddy, “Reading is such a fundamental skill and it is so important to make sure children don’t fall through the cracks, especially at this age.  I am proud to be a part of this program and not only help these students gain reading skills but also gain self-confidence. It’s only an hour out of my week but I know it makes a huge difference in their lives.”

For more information, Contact Us.

Pray For Us: An Update From Larry

Let it snow...So much cold weather this year! The number of times I’ve seen people digging out cars, clearing sidewalks, wading thru slushy pools of black sludge along the side of the road… what a wonderful time of the year!

Somehow I got onto NYC’s public alert text system. It means I get texts in the middle of the night saying things like, “Beware of  life-threatening cold temperature and dangerous ice when walking your children to school that’s not canceled.”

In those same texts, there is often a comment about keeping an eye out for neighbors, especially elderly people and people with disabilities. NYC reminds me to be neighborly– to notice the people around me; to check on them and ensure they’re ok. It’s cold. It’s icy. Some in our city are at risk, so keep an eye out for them.

Jesus put it this way: Love your neighbor as you love yourself. It makes me think about the folks I’ve walked past and not helped, the neighbors I haven’t checked on or even noticed. I could use a text message from Jesus.

So, here’s the challenge. Do two things ASAP:

1. Pray that God would open your eyes to see those around you

2. Reach out to someone who’s at risk, in need, or just unnoticed

Never stop praying, not for a minute. Our neighbors are too important to our heavenly Father.