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The Story Season 5 / Episode 27: The Resurrection

Chris Travis



XMasEveryday_titleI’ll be happier if I have more.

That’s true, right? It’s certainly the message we get from our culture. But modern social science is confirming the ancient witness: generosity is much more fulfilling.

Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). God is a generous Giver, and he loves a cheerful giver. Together, we can generously do all kinds of great things for our neighbors and around the world. And that’s something to feel good about!

Everyday Kidz has some amazing experiences planned for our little ones during this series, including a surprise visitor at our Family Christmas Service. We all want our kids to be generous and understand what really matters during the Christmas season. Be sure to bring the little ones in your life along. More information here: Christmas Everyday for Kidz.





Every parent worries about how much our kids can focus on the “gimmes” of Christmas instead of the giving.

Everyday Kidz wants to help, so we’ll be learning about the truth that Jesus taught, “It’s better to give than to receive” in our Christmas teaching series, CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY. Each week kids will learn about how important generosity is with skits, movies, crafts and acts of kindness that families can participate in together.

Bring the little ones in your life to these amazing experiences:

November 30 Kidz will discover how our acts of generosity are ways to give gifts to Jesus. We will read the book, “The Sparkle Box” and paint our own boxes to take home to encourage intentional acts of kindness towards others throughout the Christmas season.

December 7th Kids will watch the Veggie Tales movie, “St. Nicholas,” learning the story of St. Nicholas and his radical determination to give to others. Families are encouraged to join us at Hudson Pointe at Riverdale Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at 2pm to sing Christmas Carols to residents there. (more info here: Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas Caroling)

December 14 Kids will prepare for a “Radical Generosity Race” throughout their neighborhood. Families will be given a list of 10 acts of kindness that they can work together to bless our community. This will be a great chance for families to have fun giving to others together.

December 21 Join us for our Christmas Family Service where our Everyday Kidz puppet, Domingo learns an important lesson about giving to others. There will be Christmas music, and a stage presentation of the Everyday Kidz original storybook, THE SILVER COIN. Mark your calendar!


The Story Season 5 / Episode 26: The Hour of Darkness

Chris Travis

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Fasting Resources

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