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New Teaching Series: Do not be afraid

When we sing songs about Christ’s birth, we often sing about peace, joy and hope. But the first two chapters of Luke portray a story full of anxiety and fear.

In fact, the word fear is used seven times in these two chapter to describe the events of the virgin birth. Fear and anxiety are very real emotions for all of us today. And this Christmas season, we are exploring the ways fear affects our lives and how the message of Jesus’ birth helps us to overcome living in fear.

In this series, we hope to normalize the reality of our struggle with anxiety and fear and give practical steps that can help our faith family at Everyday, find relief from their fears. Join us this Sunday at 11 a.m. ET, to learn more.


Everyday Church: Exiled – Part 4 – Peter

Wendy Bennett

November 20, 2016


Everyday Church: Exiled – Part 3 – Esther

Larry Bennett

November 13, 2016



Current Teaching Series: Exiled, living faithfully in a foreign land

Throughout the Bible, the story of God’s people has been a story of the exiled. Those who feel stuck between two worlds, the tension of living in-but-not-of their currexiled-title-slideent home. It’s our story too. This world is not our home and yet God calls us to faithfully live and serve here, while being aware of our home in heaven. In our new teaching series, we’re drawing wisdom and inspiration from stories in the Bible of leaders who lived faithfully while also living in exile in a foreign land. Check it out, this Sunday at 11 a.m. 4862 Broadway.


Everyday Church: Exiled – Part 2 – Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Matt Mueller

November 6, 2016