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No Teaching Service This Sunday, May 3


Our annual all-church retreat is this weekend, which means we have no Teaching Service on Sunday, May 3rd.

Not going on the retreat? Please use that extra time Sunday morning to feed your soul, and make a plan to participate with us in the international Screen-Free Week. Then join us when we resume services on May 10, with the concluding message of Soul Food.


Pray For Us: An Update From Chris

VolunteersThis week, please pray for our faithful, committed volunteers and leaders. God is doing extraordinary things through everyday people!

Father, thank you for our Everyday Group leadership teams, our Translation Team, Worship Team, Hospitality Team, Set up Team, and for Everyday Kidz! Please bless them and protect them. Give them vision, energy, and endurance. Show them how you are using them to help make disciples. And for those who don’t yet know their role, please guide them to the right place to serve. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Soul Food Part 3 / Junk Food

Wendy Bennett


Pray For Us: An Update From Wendy

11150481_10102219167971694_7713864798572141561_nOver the past week I talked to several of our recently baptized members of the church and asked how they were doing. All of them told me of a recent increase in stress. Whether it was stress at work or with their health or with their family, they all noticed a difference since their baptism. One said, “I felt like Satan was attacking me as soon as I came up out of the water.” I believe she is right. Satan hates when we make Jesus the Lord of our lives.

But we can help by remembering to pray for them. Pray for their protection against Satan’s schemes. Pray that they would not forget Jesus’ love and grace for them even in times of stress. Your prayers really will make a difference.



Soul Food Part 2 / Poisonous

Chris Travis