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New Teaching Series: Playing With Matches

Words are incredibly dangerous. Words spark revolutions, end marriages, and damage hearts. Words can also be incredibly healing. Words can strengthen us and set us free.

It’s like a fire. Fire warms us, and cooks food, and purifies things. Fire can also burn everything to the ground. God has entrusted us with a powerful, dangerous, glorious thing– these words. We’ve been Playing With Matches our whole lives, perhaps without realizing how much is at stake. It’s time we learn how to wield our words with wisdom.

More info about of Teaching Services here.

Everyday Kidz will be learning age-appropriate versions of these lessons as well, in Only You Can Prevent Fires:

Only You Can Prevent Fires


Church Planter / Rich Perez

Guest speaker Rich Perez – Christ Crucified Fellowship


Pray For Us: An Update From Wendy

CIY_2014My daughter has been looking forward to the week of July 28-August 1st for almost a year now. Its the week the Everyday Youth will go to a Christ In Youth conference in Maryland. They will spend time learning about God’s love and worshiping Him together. Its one week that will make an eternal impact. Please pray their hearts will be prepared for the week. 

Pray for Emma, Demi, Dianis, Viana, Daniela, Joan, Valentin, Eli, Carlos, Luis, Kariah, Stacey and youth sponsors Matt, Mike, Hunter, Kala, Whitney and Holly.


Church Planter / Jordan Rice

Guest speaker Jordan Rice – Renaissance Church


New Online System for Giving

GiveOnlineWe recently moved to a new, more user-friendly system.

From now on, you’ll be able to sign up for a one-time or scheduled giving, update it yourself, and see donation history with ease.

To start giving:
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   5. Select “Your Giving”

If you are currently giving automatically on the old system:
   1. Sign up on the new system as noted above
   2. Email Annie ( noting that you have signed up and would like the old account canceled.
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