Marketing theory states that people are driven to use money out of fear, out of guilt, out of greed and out of the need for approval. Advertisers want us to fear that we are not enough, we don’t have enough to be accepted, loved and valued.

But God sent his son Jesus with the message for all of us thousands of years ago with the cross, saying “You are enough!

In this teaching series we are going to look at how we use our money, as a way to help reveal to us from where we truly get our worth, and identity.

When we know our identity and worth comes from God, we are able to say, “I have enough.” We are able to be content with what we have and to use our money to be generous with others.

Join us this Sunday at 11 a.m. as we explore the ways we use money to pursue the feeling that “We are enough”…to be loved, accepted, happy, safe, protected. Hope to see you there!