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Good Friday, Night of Prayer & Reflection

We can never truly understand the sacrifice our Father and His son made for us in the cross. This Good Friday, join us for an evening of Prayer and Reflection. Hope you can make it. 1795 Riverside Dr. Apt. 6A, 8pm.


New Teaching Series: Upside Down Kingdom

God’s kingdom isn’t your ordinary kingdom and Jesus isn’t your ordinary King. As we study through the historical writings of Luke we find the story of a king whose kingdom shakes things up and turns everything upside down. In the kingdom of God; the first will be last and the last will be first, the lowly are lifted up and the powerful are put down, the strong are made weak and the weak are made strong, those who are outsiders are in and those with power and privilege are out. We will study through the life of Jesus, his teachings and the beginning of the church to see how this kingdom still has the power today to thankfully turn our lives upside down.

Join us this Sunday to learn more, 11 a.m. 4862 Broadway (2nd floor auditorium).



Prayer and Praise Night: Sunday March 5, 2017


Uptown churches are coming together this weekend and we hope that you can be there! Join us this Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. for a night of prayers and praise. 

Where: Manhattan Bible Church Chapel located on the corner of 205th street and 9th ave (401 west 205th street NYC 10034)



New Teaching Series: Up, In and Out

When we choose to be a disciple of Jesus, we are choosing to learn from him. That means we not only learn from his teachings, we also learn from how he patterned his life. Jesus shared his life in three different relationships: Up-with his Father; In-with his spiritual family; and Out-with those hurting around him.

For most of us balancing all three areas doesn’t come naturally, but it can be done intentionally. In this series we will look at ways each of us can intentionally live “Up, In and Out”.

On Sunday March 5, as we practice, “In” join us for a potluck lunch at 11 a.m. ET, 4862 Broadway (first floor, cafeteria).

Hope to see you there!



New Teaching Series: Margin


Books have margins. So do roads and highways. But sometimes, our lives just don’t include much margin. Whether its our finances or our schedule and commitments, we don’t intentionally live with space between our load and our limit. But God gave us instructions on how to order our lives in a way that gives us the reserve we need to be ready to live on mission with him. Join us for this important teaching series and see what areas in your life God wants you to create margin.

The new series kicks off Sunday January 8, 2017, 11 a.m. at 4862 Broadway (2nd floor, auditorium).