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New Series: Names of God

For most people, their name gives clues to their culture, religion, family history, or even the time in which they were born. We can also learn a lot about God from the many names that He is given in Scripture.

During this teaching series, we will learn about the many aspects of the character of God and the roles He wants to play in each of our lives by looking at his many names.  As we recognize the fullness of who God is, we will be encouraged that He is with us throughout the struggles and challenges of this life.

Join us this Sunday at 11 a.m., 4862 Broadway, as we continue learning about our Father in Heaven – the God of justice, who heals our wounds and ultimately rescues us from a life without Him.



New Teaching Series: Thrive

Whenever something is thriving, it means that it is full of life. Plants can thrive, people can thrive, businesses, communities and even churches can thrive; and when things are thriving, there is fruit.

Psalm 1 gives us an image of a plant that is planted in a way that bears fruit,“A tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.”

During this teaching series we will ask ourselves: What are the foundations for a thriving church family? How can we make sure that Everyday Church has what it needs to flourish for years to come? 

Hope you can join us for this journey! It starts this Sunday at 11 a.m. 4862 Broadway (1st floor, cafeteria).


New Teaching Series: You Are Here

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on our lives and where we are right now. Knowing that we are enough in God right now, right where we are today, we are able to look at the different aspects of our lives and look for paths of growth.

That’s what our new teaching series, You Are Here, is all about. 

Join us as we start on this journey of  inviting God into our reflection of our work, health, relationships and play. As we consider these areas in our lives, we’ll look through the lens of what God is doing in this world and how He invites each of us to be on mission with Him.


The new series starts this Sunday Jan 6, at 4862 Broadway (1st floor, cafeteria).

See you there!




Thank you friends… Reminder: no teaching service December 30, 2018

What a year it’s been! We have much to be thankful for and to celebrate. Just a reminder, on Sunday December 30, 2018, we’ll be observing a community-wide day of Sabbath (or rest). Giving all of our volunteers a much needed day of rest, there will be no Sunday morning teaching service on Dec. 30th

For all our Sunday morning volunteers: a HUGE thank you! Thank YOU for giving your time, encouragement, and dedication each Sunday to make our teaching services possible. God has blessed us greatly by bringing you to this family! 

For everyone: We wish you a safe, joyful and restful New Year! We hope you can spend time together during your New Year celebrations, delighting in God’s good gifts – friendship, community, warmth – and so much more.

See you at our next teaching service on Sunday January 6, 2019 at 11 a.m. (4862 Broadway, 1st floor cafeteria).




New Series Starts October 28: Enough

Marketing theory states that people are driven to use money out of fear, out of guilt, out of greed and out of the need for approval. Advertisers want us to fear that we are not enough, we don’t have enough to be accepted, loved and valued.

But God sent his son Jesus with the message for all of us thousands of years ago with the cross, saying “You are enough!

In this teaching series we are going to look at how we use our money, as a way to help reveal to us from where we truly get our worth, and identity.

When we know our identity and worth comes from God, we are able to say, “I have enough.” We are able to be content with what we have and to use our money to be generous with others.

Join us this Sunday at 11 a.m. as we explore the ways we use money to pursue the feeling that “We are enough”…to be loved, accepted, happy, safe, protected. Hope to see you there!