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Reminder! No teaching service Sept 22

We’re taking off this Sunday, to enjoy the outdoors during our all church retreat. See you at our next regularly scheduled teaching service, on Sunday Sept. 29, at 11 a.m. 4862 Broadway (1st floor cafeteria)


New Teaching Series: The Power of Art

“Art is an inherently hopeful act, an act that echoes the creativity of the Creator.” -Makoto Fujimura

Our God uses art in many ways – to reveal Himself to us, to speak to and to heal us. Art also helps us in the practice of slowing down and caring for our souls. In this new teaching series, The Power of Art,  we will listen to the artists and creatives in our community to help us to slow down and contemplate our emotions, the beauty around us, and also the pain and suffering of others. Join us as we explore together how is God speaking to us through the artists and art around us, and what can we learn from them and their work.

Join us on Sunday at 11 a.m., 4862 Broadway, 1st floor cafeteria.


July 7 – Picnic at the Park

Join us for our annual Picnic in the Park – Sunday, July 7 at Inwood Hill Park. We’ll be gathering along the Hudson River at “Dyckman Fields” from 11am into the afternoon. Bring some food to share, a blanket or chair, some friends…or just yourself. It’ll be a lovely afternoon.

Here’s a map link to where we’ll be meeting… Google Maps



New Teaching Series: At the Table

When we look at Jesus’ life, we see him regularly eating with all types of people. In fact, it was often shocking with whom Jesus ate. He ate with women, crooks, non-Jews, tax collectors and others.  Some of Jesus’ most well-known teachings, are taught centered around a table with friends and followers. What can we learn from Jesus about sharing our own tables and lives with people in our community? What changes will we need to make, in order to bring others to the table where Jesus makes room for us all? Join us this Sunday at 11 a.m. as we continue our new teaching series, At the Table, and explore the gift and spiritual importance of hospitality, and making spaces of belonging for everyone.

Hope to see you there! 4862 Broadway, 1st floor cafeteria.



New Series: Names of God

For most people, their name gives clues to their culture, religion, family history, or even the time in which they were born. We can also learn a lot about God from the many names that He is given in Scripture.

During this teaching series, we will learn about the many aspects of the character of God and the roles He wants to play in each of our lives by looking at his many names.  As we recognize the fullness of who God is, we will be encouraged that He is with us throughout the struggles and challenges of this life.

Join us this Sunday at 11 a.m., 4862 Broadway, as we continue learning about our Father in Heaven – the God of justice, who heals our wounds and ultimately rescues us from a life without Him.