Reasonable FaithDo we have enough evidence to believe in Christianity? Is evidence really necessary? If so, what kind of evidence counts? Reasonable Faith seeks to help answer these questions. This month we are joined by guest speaker Jeton Zeka.

Jeton grew up half way around the world in Kosovo. Even though Jeton grew up in a Muslim family, he made a bold decision to follow Christ. He is going to share with us about how both Christian evidences and friendship played key roles in his conversion to Christianity and the obstacles he had to overcome to make this life changing decision. In addition, we have asked him to also share a little more about the ministry in Kosovo and how the clothes we have donated can help the ministry there.

We’ll have pizza at 1:30p. Presentation will begin at 2:pm.
We meet at the office of the Everyday Christian Church at 5030 Broadway, Suite 630.

Reasonable Faith is sponsored by the Heart & Mind Everyday Group.