HerreraHerrera, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic… that’s the destination of a last minute team from Everyday Church. We’re going to assist with some urgent projects at the school we’re partnering with in that neighborhood. The school has about 450 students, as well as teachers and administrators, in a severely poor area of the city.

After visiting in January, the Everyday Church Global Outreach Team selected this school as our initial focus for ministry in the DR. Everyday participants are already sponsoring kids at the school, and now we’re going back to serve. 

Please pray for Holly, Mike, Bart and Larry as they prepare for this trip. Pray they are full of the Spirit and wisdom as they serve the school. Pray for safe travel, that the funds come together, and the trip is a blessing to the school and Everyday Church.

As God blesses us, may we bless the world.