There is a dream in the back of our minds that goes something like this: everything really important to Everyday Church has an Everyday Group as its champion.

We currently have four groups championing four critical things (and a fifth in the works)…

Everyday Family Group: caring for parents and kids
Everyday Youth Group: mentoring middle school & high school students
Everyday Creativity Group: activating the creativity of God’s people
Everyday Neighbors Group: serving our neighbors
Everyday ??? Group: this up and coming group focuses on prayer and friendship among guys

We are just scratching the surface of the things God wants us to champion in this community and around the world. Here are some other groups we’re dreaming of…
* Global Outreach: leading Everyday Church in the global impact of our ministry
* Spanish: leading our church in cultural diversity, particularly Spanish speaking cultures
* Prayer: making prayer a deep and integral part of Everyday Church life
* Adventure: connecting city people with the beauty of nature and gift of adventure
I’m sure you have other possible groups in mind

Please pray for our current groups, future groups, our group leaders. Don’t be bashful. Ask God to do big things!

Family Group - serving project