At the bottom right, notice the “Give” button has a new friend called “Log in.” That’s because we have a new system in place called Fellowship One. Through it, we can share contact information, find people with common interests, and a whole bunch of other stuff we haven’t even figured out yet.

It’s fully customizable– you’ll only share information you want to share. And you can choose different privacy settings for different groups of people. For example, you might want to let people in your Everyday Group see your phone number and mailing address, but share only your email address with everyone else.

If you’ve filled out a Connect Card in our service, then we’ve entered your information already and signing up with be a breeze. You’ll just need to change your privacy settings so that others can see whatever part of your profile you’d like to make public (by default, all your info is hidden). You can also update your profile and keep your info current so you don’t miss any important church communications future.

Just click that blue button at the bottom right to get started. It looks like this (this one works too!):