In the mood for a few weeks of high pressure, high stakes test-taking!?!

Hmm, probably not.

Youth GroupNew York’s standard high school tests, the NYS Regents Exams, are upon us. 8th-12th grade students around the city are in their final week of preparation for two weeks of testing. And it’s no joke. More and more pressure is placed on students every year… it affects their future education options, their move to the next grade, their school and teachers, their home life, and their stress level.

The Everyday Family Group spent time recently putting together encouraging

notes and gift cards for our youth group students and their friends– just small way to encourage our kids and allow them to be a blessing to their friends.

Please pray:
* for our 8th-12th grade students, that they will be confident and prepared
* they will be a bright light in their schools and a source of encouragement and kindness for their friends
* the notes our group put together will reveal the concern and love of God himself
* the Everyday Youth Group is a source of hope and true friendship for students in our community
* all our Everyday Groups continue to find unique ways to serve and bless our city

Your prayers are a gift to this world…never stop praying!