Most of us want to grow. We hope life is going somewhere. Whether it’s a better job or finding that right person, we’d all like this next year to be better than the last. While life is sometimes full of challenges, hopefully we’re at least facing new problems. And spiritually, who wouldn’t want to experience more peace? Or joy? Who wouldn’t want prayer to be more effective?

In Christ, God accepts us just as we are, but he doesn’t leave us that way. God is dreaming about more for us than we would dare dream for ourselves. 

Just as our bodies need food, water, and air, God provides all our souls need to grow. In this series, we’ll look at seven ways we can position ourselves to receive His growing grace. Whether you are prioritizing your spiritual life this New Year or bringing someone along who is open to new experiences, this series will provide very practical ways to feed and water our souls. Come discover how you can grow.

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