Human trafficking is real, but it doesn’t have to be.

Everyday Church is honored to welcome Nomi Network to our next Teaching Gathering. Millions of human beings– each precious to God– are bought and sold like objects. Nomi Network is doing something about it, and we can help.

We can do something about it.

Nomi provides women and girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking with the dignity of a respectable a profession: designing and creating fashionable bags. Everyday Church wants to support Nomi and help get these bags in as many hands as possible, so here’s what we’re doing: We’ll pick up half the cost, so you can purchase their products at 50% off (and Nomi will still get the full retail value!). This Christmas, consider purchasing gifts that aren’t just beautiful and well-made (they really are!), but are also very meaningful.

                When: December 9th, 11:00am

                Where: 4862 Broadway*

How’s It Work? It’s simple: buy a bag (or two, or three!), and we’ll pay for half of it. We believe that strongly in what Nomi is doing to help these women. You can use cash or a check to “Nomi Network.”

Come learn more about this excellent organization and meet some of the leaders. Spread the word and bring a friend!



*This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.