Sometimes people say, “Prayer is just talking to God.” In a sense, that’s true. There’s no magic formula or special wording. But if what you really mean is, “I don’t need to learn anything about prayer,” then that’s a different story. What would you think of a guy who said, “I have nothing to learn about how to communicate with my wife?” And this is God we’re “just” talking to!

When Jesus’ disciples asked him how to pray, he didn’t say, “Prayer is just talking to God.” He actually taught them how to pray. “This, then, is how you should pray…” (Matthew 6:9). He taught surprising stories about what it takes to move God’s heart. For Jesus, prayer was more than just shooting the breeze with God. Prayer changes us, and God actually responds to our prayers.

Prayer can be a frustrating experience. Is God listening? Will he do something? Why doesn’t he respond? Whether you’re interested in starting a conversation with God for the first time or in taking your next step, it’s time to start praying for a change.

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