You read that right. Everyday Church’s contribution to the Medieval Festival this Sunday, 10/2, 11:30am-6:00pm, will be a clean, private place for parents to take care of their soiled little ones. If you’ve ever tried to change your baby’s diaper in a Port-O-Potty surrounded by a crowd of knights and princesses, you’ll understand how appreciative neighborhood parents will be for “Ye Olde Baby Changing Station”! We’ve also agreed to run the Welcome Center for this event. Every year, some 40,000 people throng to Ft. Tryon park for medieval costumes, jousting, live Quidditch matches (not kidding), and all kinds of games and activities.

Why the Medieval Festival? There isn’t much we value more than relationships, and this is great opportunity to make some friends. This is also a free event, and we think there’s justice in anything that enriches the lives of all residents, both rich and poor. We want to support this sort of thing when we can.

And, well, some of us just like to dress up.

Larry: Executive Pastor, friendly warrior.

This event is a ton of fun. If you’ve been meaning to investigate whether Everyday Church is a good fit for you, come find us at the Welcome Center or “Ye Olde Baby Changing Station.” We’d love to chat. Or if you’d like to spend two hours volunteering with us to help provide a great event for our neighbors, just Contact Us for details.