Mingling after service

I was chatting with a buddy at Everyday Church on Sunday. He recently changed jobs and is now working in the neighborhood. In the first week of work, he ran into three co-workers on the streets.

We live in a city of millions of people and yet we so frequently run into folks we know. I think God works that way. And it’s one of the things that makes Everyday Church, well, an everyday church! It’s about the lives we live every day, the way we walk the streets with eyes open looking for opportunities to build friendships with the people around us.

Lord, open our eyes. Help us see the people around us, our neighbors, as we walk the streets of our neighborhood. Use unique moments and street-side conversations to remind people they are known and cared for. I pray the Holy Spirit would lead us and that we would follow. Amen!

Enjoy the Spring, friends. And keep your eyes open!