Why are we canceling church?!

Well, that’s a strange question, because it isn’t possible to “cancel church.” Remember, church is not a building or an event. Church is a people! That’s why this is an Everyday Church, not a Sunday Church. We’re more interested in being the church, every day, than we are in going to church. We think God is too.

So we haven’t cancelled church, nor could we if we wanted to. We’ve just cancelled one of the many things the church does. And hey, it’s only one Sunday! I know, I know… we miss you too! Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. No worries, though. We’ll resume our Weekly Teaching Services with a brand new series of messages next week. Stay tuned!

This weekend is our annual Rest Retreat, and many Everyday Participants will be away. Not going on the retreat? Please use the time you’ve set aside to attend our teaching service to enjoy some godly rest: stop, rest, delight, and contemplate.

Everyday Groups are meeting as usual. Not in a group? Contact Us for information.