Christmas6As the classic Christmas song goes, “It’s the holiday season…whoop-de-do!”American media works hard to focus on the positives of the holiday season: gift-giving and gift-receiving, time with family, days off, snow… But for all the positives, the holiday season stirs up painful feelings for many: loneliness, missed loved ones, financial difficulties, family conflicts, and all that pressure to appear happy and generous.I’d like to encourage two things:
1. Pray for one another. The list above provides some ideas. Also, pray for all the traveling that will be happening over the holidays for so many folks.
2. Share the burden. If the holidays bring sadness for you, spend some time with some good friends and share it with them. If the holidays are pure joy for you, share it; be generous with your time, your home, and your joy.”Encourage one another and build each other up…” (I Thessalonians 5:11).I love you all and pray you experience the love, acceptance and joy of Jesus through his body, his people, and Everyday Church.