76,000 Hours: Who do you WORK for?

The average person will spend tens of thousands of hours on the job. Work was designed to be a gift from God, and it can be really good. But something has gone wrong, and most people find job satisfaction to be elusive.

It doesn’t have to be that way. God intends our work to be fulfilling and significant. The good news about Jesus extends to every facet of life, including our work. Whether you’re in the right job or the wrong one; whether you work from home or work at home; whether you work in the field, at the office, or are still in school– your work can matter more than you realize.

Don’t waste 76,000 hours of your life. Join us for this 3-Part Series:

Nov 10: The Original Four-Letter Word

Nov 17: Your Boss’s Boss

Nov 24: Time For a Promotion