If you’ve been praying with us for the entire 40 Days, please don’t give up! Whether you’ve been disciplined or hit-and-miss, please make this final week of prayer your best yet. It’s not that prayer earns anything for us– everything from God is a gift of grace. But he invites us to pray and commands us to pray and glorifies himself by responding to our prayers. So pray your heart out!

If you are just now joining us, know that God can choose to change anything in response to one prayer. Participate fully during these final days of our focus on prayer.

We are also challenging Everyday participants to fast one day each week during this season of prayer. You can read some more information about fasting here: Fast.

During this final week, we’re inviting people to participate in a longer fast. If you’ve been fasting along with us, could you now complete a two-day fast?  Three? Longer? However long you fast, please time your fast to finish this Saturday, Oct 12. We’re going to break our fast together with prayer and a light meal. Details to come!

We’re entering a new season of ministry this Sunday, now offering Teaching Services every week. Thank you for helping us with your prayers.