Pray for KidzI was recently praying with some friends about Everyday Church, when a vivid scene developed in my mind. They were praying about kids in our neighborhood and I envisioned the following:

It was a small town crowded with people. A battle was obviously waging– bullets, bombs, some sort of vicious attack. It made me think of a small town during World War II, like a scene from a movie. Adults were engaged in the battle, scattered all around in various degrees of harm. Some were fine. Some were mortally wounded.

And there were kids. Little kids and big kids. Walking around, playing, crying, hiding. Kids being wounded by this terrible battle raging around them.

In the midst of it all was a small group of Jesus followers racing around gathering up kids. They were obviously intent on caring for these kids, even in the midst of war with bullets flying by and bombs exploding around them. I don’t know if they realized how much danger they were in, but it didn’t matter… they were out to rescue those kids.

That was the scene. There wasn’t a grand victory or award ceremony or even an end to the battle. Just kids being crushed by war, and rescued  by caring adults.

I’m not sure if you’ve thought of our city that way, but that scene is more true than we like to accept. There is a battle raging around us. There is damage being done, and it’s not just adults that are suffering. But there is a group of Jesus followers trying to do something about it, taking risks to care for the kids in our community.

Please pray:
– for the kids all around us, both those in our church and those in our community
– for the volunteers at Everyday Church who are committed to loving those kids and caring for them
– for Wendy as she leads our efforts to serve kids and families
– that Everyday Church would be known as a church that deeply cares for kids
– that through our love these kids would experience the deep, faithful love of God our Father