I received some of the best feedback I have ever received from a sermon after the first message of our new Joseph series. That afternoon, a 14-yr-old texted me to let me know she had read the Book of Genesis for the first time, and she was very excited about it. She had highlighted many passages, including Genesis 50:20 (read it– it’s powerful). Think about the potential bound up in her young life, and what a difference the guidance of Scripture will make for her.

Several other people told me Joseph’s amazing story prompted them to read it for themselves. That’s the real deal right there, friends. You never know what God might do through people who seek him and ponder his words!

Pray for this new series. Pray God would draw our people into his word, and help us understand it. Pray God would change our hearts and minds with his word. Pray we have “ears to hear” and put his words into practice. Pray we will be bold, gentle, wise, and ready to share God’s inspiring, challenging, freeing, life-giving words.


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