Bridge 35th and 6th graders took some big steps towards godliness this year, studying the Book of Proverbs together in “Route 56” (so named because they’re learning to follow the right path with Jesus, and it’s for 5th and 6th graders– pretty clever, right?).
Bridge 2But it’s the end of the road for our 6th graders… and the beginning! Next year, they’re joining the Everyday Youth Group. But this important transition was no walk in the park (well, parts of it were literally a walk in the park). Our young people had to complete 12 daunting challenges before they earned the right of passage.
They had to sit on a slide togetBridge 4her. And if you think that sounds easy, you should try it! They had to buy and deliver Dr. Pepper to an Everyday Church participant who is recovering from surgery. Having completed these feats of cunning, courage, and love– they entered Youth Group for the first time to a welcome party put on by Everyday students.