Baby RaulThere’s so much going on with Everyday Church right now, and I don’t mean the stuff on our church calendar.  There is a lot going on with our people! Both good and bad. Our dearly loved Raymon had surgery this week. Baby Raul Ortiz was born! Some have made visits to the emergency room; others to important job interviews.

It has been wonderful to watch our church family step up and take care of one another.  Romans 12:10 says, “Be devoted to one another in love.”

Being devoted to something requires a great deal of time and energy and it isn’t always convenient. Let’s pray that being devoted to one another remains part of Everyday Church’s DNA as more and more people join our church family. Pray that people in our church would be willing to share when they are struggling and in need of help. Finally, let’s pray that our devotion to one another brings glory to God.

Love you all,