Rest RetreatThe God Who Renews

The Everyday Church Rest Retreat has passed. The word on the street is that it was fantastic! As I listened to stories, viewed pictures, and read online accounts of the weekend, an odd section of the bible came to mind.

Isaiah 61 is a descriptive piece of poetry. It does was poetry is meant to do: paint a picture in your mind with simple words. Good news to the poor…bind up the brokenhearted… freedom… comfort… beauty for ashes… joy instead of mourning… praise instead of despair… rebuild… restore… renew.

I wondered for a moment why that bit of Scripture came to mind. The answer came quickly. God is in the business of restoring and renewing. This world takes away, it robs, it does great harm. Satan is out to destroy you and me, our children, our friends, our neighbors. This retreat was a way for us to step away and remember what God so desperately desires for us. To experience refreshing and renewal.

Here are some ideas for prayer:
– pray through Isaiah 61 and ask God to speak to you through it
– pray for those around you who haven’t experienced the renewal God offers
– pray Everyday Church is visibly different in this city, that we’re a community of people who rest well and delight in the life God has given us
– pray that each of us will be a living example to our neighborhood that God truly does what Isaiah described in Isaiah 61