YouthGroupApril2013The Everyday Youth Group is digging deep into the word of God and the life of Jesus as we figure out what it means to live a life that honors him. Our core group of kids and adults are set firmly in place and are committed to seeing his work done in this community in the lives of teenagers. This has been a prayer of mine for a long time and it is such a blessing to see this prayer answered. Praise God for what he has done in raising up both adult and student leaders that are focused on reaching other teenagers with the good news of Christ Jesus.

Please pray that:

* upon this foundation God has laid, many teenagers would be reached with the message of Christ.
* our leaders (adults and students) would have wisdom and discernment as we figure out how to reach out and what it looks like for our group.
* we would continue to dive deeper into our relationship with him as we figure out what it means to follow Christ with our entire lives.