Everyday KidzLast Sunday our church focused on our need for Christian friendship. The kids looked at many verses in the New Testament that discuss how we treat “one another.” If you haven’t read these verses in awhile I suggest you go to www.biblegateway.com and do a keyword search for “one another” and “each other.” After dozens of verses I’m sure you’ll be convinced you want this kind of friendship!

Everyday Kidz were convinced too! They worked together to write in their own words what they want friendship to look like for Everyday Kidz. We plan to start every lesson in the coming months by reading this dream together:

 “In Everyday Kidz we… listen… pray for one another… help… try to agree… won’t hold a grudge… laugh together… are understanding… forgive… encourage each other… share our lives… serve… put up with each other even when things get on our nerves… are family.”

What a reminder! This kind of friendship won’t be easy, but it’s possible with the Lord’s help. Let’s pray together and make it happen.

“encourage one another every day” Hebrews 3:13 (ISV)