EDCCMastheadNewYearsWhat a great year for Everyday Church! God came through is so many incredible ways. Thank you for praying. I’m excited about this new year, because I think it’s very important. In the process of planting this new church, each of the first few years are critical to our long-term success, and we’ve got one more year of “heavy lifting.” Last year was huge, but we aren’t there yet. Last year got us into the playoffs. Now the fun stuff begins! In the process of establishing a new, healthy, thriving source of ministry and kingdom energy in upper Manhattan, I think this might be our most important year yet.

I know God is ready to do his part. We’re nothing without him, and all glory goes to him. But he has chosen to let us participate in our own small ways, and we’re ready to give this our best. Please pray that God would pour out his Spirit on us, give us wisdom and strength, and make his will a reality here in Manhattan.

Game on,