We’re currently focusing on our mission through a series of messages and discussions called “Should You Choose To Accept It.” We never want to do anything in our own strength, though. So we’re going to pray! For the next 40 days, we are going to pray every day together.

If you come to Worship or Home Groups on Sunday, you’ll leave with a “Top Secret” envelop full of suggestions how to pray. You can also follow us on twitter (@everyday_church) for daily updates. Or, check here on Mondays for each weeks suggestions.

Here’s how to to pray for the first seven days:

Day 40, Monday: Pray for 3 people who don’t know Jesus.

Day 39, Tuesday: Pray for boldness for Everyday Church people.

Day 38, Wednesday: Pray we would lead others into life-changing relationships.

Day 37, Thursday: Pray that our Home Groups would reach people.

Day 36, Friday: Pray for one of your circles of relationships: family, work, etc.

Day 35, Saturday: Ask God to open our eyes to those around us.

Day 34, Sunday: Pray for one of your friends who is not involved with church.