As a continuing focus on our mission, we’re praying together for the next 40 Days! Everything we do is fueld by prayer: join us.

If you come to Worship or Home Groups on Sunday, you’ll leave with a “Top Secret” envelop full of suggestions how to pray. You can also follow us on twitter (@everyday_church) for daily updates. Or, check here on Mondays for each weeks suggestions.

Here’s how to to pray for the next seven days:

Day 26, Monday: Pray for any teachers or students that you know.

Day 25, Tuesday: Pray that our Home Groups would reach people.

Day 24, Wednesday: Pray for one of your circles of relationships: family, work, etc.

Day 23, Thursday: Ask God to open our eyes to those around us.

Day 22, Friday: Pray for one of your friends who is not involved with church.

Day 21, Saturday: Pray for someone you walk past on the street.

Day 20, Sunday: Pray God would draw people to our gatherings.