God is beyond our comprehension, but has made himself approachable. He has revealed a path to wisdom and power that is so widely available we tend to take it for granted. In a sense, it’s hidden right out in the open.

There was once an unnamed Roman officer who had the audacity to go directly to God, and became one of God’s unnamed heroes. His example illustrates something we need today as much as ever. So much of the Bible records God’s amazing activity. What this unnamed soldier did actually amazed God.

Come hear the story of our next unnamed hero this Sunday, 11:00am, 4862 Broadway (btwn Academy and 204th) *. During this series, Everyday Kids will be “Superhero Academy,” learning how God has given us all special talents and abilities that we can use to be heroes and save the day. Invite the little ones in your life to join us.

* This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.