Everyone is a valued member of our family, whether they are 50 years old or 50 days old. We want even our youngest to know how deeply Jesus loves them. So we provide fun, creative learning experiences designed to introduce kids to Jesus and his love for them. We offer these activities during Teaching and Home Group gatherings.

Beyond learning, Everyday kids build lasting relationships. We encourage kids to act like kids, to have fun, and to make friends with peers. It is also important for children to interact with people from other generations (it’s important for adults too!). So we involve kids whenever we can. For example, during Home Group, everyone shares a meal together like a family. While adult and children discussions are normally separate, we usually wrestle with the same passage of Scripture, and we often ask kids to share what they’ve learned with the adults. That usually comes in the form of a finger-puppet performance, a song they’ve written together, or some kind of art they’ve created!

Imagine your kids really wanting to come to church. We’re experiencing that. Kids leave our meetings saying, “Can I come back again next week?”

For more information about how kids can get involved: Contact us.