Below you’ll find the guidelines we use for our five-session Discipleship Plan. This is an experience we encourage everyone who is new to faith in Jesus or to Everyday Church to go through. It’s an opportunity to meet together a few times with a very small group of like-minded people to practice hearing from God through Scripture and Christian conversation, and responding to God by following him and obeying him. That’s essentially what a disciple is: a man or woman who hears God and does something about it, and who joins the effort to make more disciples.

Here’s what it looks like: Three to Five men or women get together at a local coffee shop, someone’s apartment, or wherever, for five sessions of about 1 1/2 hrs each. You can meet once a week or every other week, early morning, after work– whatever works for your group. In each session, one of the people who has already gone through the Discipleship Plan before facilitates the meeting (reviews the ground rules, tells the Scripture story in his or her own words, etc.). Each participant tries to determine what God may be saying to them, with the help of their friends. Then each participant sets a goal or intention for how he or she will take next steps. That’s how we start to practice hearing from God and responding to Him.

We join the effort to make more disciples like this: Once you’ve gone through the process once, then you can help facilitate another group later with some new people, preferably with someone you’ve personally invited (someone you’ve been reaching out to, praying for, and developing a relationship with). Once you’ve gone through it twice, and if you seem to be catching on well to how this works, you could become the main facilitator for a future group, or perhaps even for many groups (some people discover they love discipling others like this, and are gifted for it, and this becomes their primary ministry in the kingdom).

Sound complicated? It really isn’t. When you experience it, it’s as simple and straightforward as it gets: Christian friends attempting to follow Jesus together in a few key areas of life.

But that’s why this page isn’t public. This isn’t something you’re supposed to just grab and go with. To understand how it works and more importantly, to replicate the spirit and attitude in which it works, you have to experience it yourself with some people who have done it before. Therefore, we require there to be at least two people in each group who have already gone through this process at least once before. Discipleship is more “caught than taught,” so to speak. And Jesus sent his own followers out in pairs. So, if you’ve stumbled onto this page on your own somehow, and would like to take this step, please Contact Us and we’ll do our best to match you up with a group.

Here are the guidelines for our Discipleship Plan: